From Selling Ice Cream To Sitting Behind The Mic, Know More About Mwinyi Mtetezi Kazungu

mwinyi mteteezi kazungu

In this life nothing comes easy. You have to toil for a while before you get what you need. We look upto our mentors and think they only got lucky genes. Beneath their succes,they have inspirational stories. Today we share a story that will touch many of you and to those who had given up on their dreams,they got another reason to revive them.

Top presenter in Kenya,Mwinyi Kazungu journey to radio was not easy. After highschool, Kazungu never knew really what he wanted to do with his life. This is not a special case to form four leavers even at his home county, Kwale County.

For starters, Kazungu hosts Top Mashariki a mid morning show that airs on Radio Taifa. He has been hosting the show for so many years. Playing East Africa tunes his huge fan base being the youth.

Immediately after form four at Mazeeras High School,he became a tout for his brother’s vehicle. He did this for a while before thinking otherwise.

He relocated and started being an ice cream vendor. He loved selling ice cream and making money. Something he did for a long time. He had also not figured out what to do in life apart from selling ice.

Back then he was a good writer. A talented poem writer. But he never bothered to utilize his skills. His elder brother never wanted this skill go untapped. So he had him pay visit in Nairobi. And his elder brother secured him admission letter to join KIMC.

As they say,the rest is history. So in whatever you do,never give up in life nor fear to take challenges. It might be hard but will pay of eventually. Kazungu Mwinyi is a living example. He commands a great audience and also giving back to the society. Currently he is on a mission of fighting drug abuse in his home area and supporting talent in partnership with annual Mdune Festival,a talent search initiative.

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