Growing up,KBC was the only radio station in Kenya. It was everything,KBC Channel One. Now that’s not the problem, after advancement in telecommunications field and having many media houses coming up in Kenya,something right is not happening to the state owned radio. The station is still stagnant to where it was back then. No growth as per expected.

Top Mashariki
Top Mashariki Banner

I will today descend on Top Mashariki show in particular. Its probably the only show in KBC Radio Taifa that is there to support the youth and cater for that particular audience entertainment thirst. But they should just scrap out the so called show because it’s not what it’s meant for. To start,no celebrity interviews have been featured in the show of recent days. So who will listen to the show,and for what purpose? The last time I remember vividly was the King Kaka interview. No fresh content. For instance now that we got our new wave Gengetone,no artist has been featured from the new generation. So how is the show meant for youths?

How can an expected 2 hours hyped show lack a deejay yet there is much content to consume in that limited time. What happened to Deejay Nitch and the others who got featured in the show like Dj Cliff Malik who his last mix was somewhere in 2015? Triza B was doing a commendable job by giving updates in the showbiz arena across east africa. But her case is not well known where it ended. Online content creation or even interactions on social media is just a staggering process.

Top Mashariki Presenter Mwinyi Kazungu Mtetezi
Top Mashariki Presenter Mwinyi Kazungu Mtetezi

Many youths are out here with some of them very talented yet can’t land even a radio interview. No outdoor events to link our presenters and the fans. There is no way the show will grow if nothing is invested. Infact some local radio stations with similar shows are giving you guys a great competition yet the loyal fans of Top Mashariki think all will be well,till when shall we wait? Since KETAU Express till today, many souls are almost giving up! Some radio stations have like 4 Deejays making their fans on their feet.

I don’t want to shift my blame to top manager who likely is sleeping on their job but will hold our forces if no change is coming. Maybe its high time they change their strategies or we just boycott the show and consume similar content elsewhere.