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Producer Abba Shares With Mwinyi Kazungu About Darasa

Producer Abba Shares With Mwinyi Kazungu About Darasa

One of the leading Tanzanian producer Abba was in Kenya. He was accompanying Rapper Darassa on his I Like It media tour. The producer had a chat with Top Mashariki host and shared more about Darassa.

Despite working with big artists in Tanzania like Rayvanny,Maua Sama and the rest,Abba works closing with Weka Mziki hit maker. And he shares the reason with Kazungu.

Our chemistry is what has made me produce good songs for him. Because I already know what will work for him.

Because of the chemistry he has with Darasa,producer Abba wants the artist star to shine even brighter. Now that Darassa is penetrating international market, Abba has a big task ahead.

I work daily to get a new vibe and sound to get his brand. And now that Darassa’s brand is growing, I need to work hard from my side to enable that.

Abba termed Darassa as his family member because he has became part of his life and that’s why the two guys hang out everywhere together.

Lastly Abba shared with Mwinyi Kazungu that he likes gengetone music. To him,the new vibe is awesome especially in entertainment joints. And the fresh kids bringing the new generation of music should be supported. As a producer,he will produce some gengetone beats. Maybe expect a Darassa on a gengetone beat produced by Abba.

I think this is something local producers should also learn.

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