Kidis Backs Up Viral Majanga Part 2 Song

Coast artists are taking different routes concerning Dogo Richie song,Majanga Part 2. Of recently to air his views is Kidis The Jembe.

In Majanga Part 2 song,Dogo Richie expounds how Kamua Leo hitmaker is constantly releasing new songs but fail to reach his fans. Dogo thinks maybe Reffigah of GrandPa or his fellow artist,Chapatizo is behind this.

Talking exclusively with Mwinyi Kazungu of Top Mashariki Kidis supports the tune and renders it factual. According to Kidis,he is always releasing songs but because he is one man army,he find it difficult to have his songs reach all his fans.

About cartels,Kidis admits that there are big cartels surrounding Mombasa governor Hassan Joho. They are the guys who control who will benefit from 001 video project. And what share one is to receive.