Why John Matara Is Trending


John Ongoa Matara has been a hot topic of discussion on the internet. This is after he was arrested in connection with the Wahu Starlet Murder.

Matara and Wahu were captured on CCTV entering a rented Airbnb in Papino apartments in South B, Nairobi on 4th January. However, Matara is later captured again by CCTV leaving alone at 10:30 after committing the heinous act.

Makadara police commander Judith Nyonges said by the time they arrived at the scene of the crime, Wahu was already dead. Matara had cut her vein that connects to the heart. She bled to death.

HIV testing kits that had negative results, condoms, and alcohol are some of the items recovered from the scene.

Matara has now been branded a con man who seduces unsuspecting ladies and later robs them. Three victims have come out and confessed how he lured them to his trap.

The victims reveal that they met with the 34-year-old Matara on dating sites. He could promise them the best thing that ladies want to hear and fancy about. Later on, he booked an Airbnb where they could spend a night. After doing HIV tests and having steamy intimate moments, Matara’s mood would change and demand his victim to raise cash and give him.

Matara could torture them and leave them to death once he gets the cash. Failure to do this, the worst would happen.

Wahu’s brother Pastor Victor Kanyar says her sister was unable to raise the 500 thousand that Matara wanted. Unfortunately, she had to pay the ultimate price.

The former Butere boys’ alumni is being held by police as investigations intensify.

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