#VibeMtaani ! Mad In Love With My WorkMate


Hello Vibe Mtaani

Last week I had a busy week since I was among the officials at IEBC.So after the election process was over I headed straight to home.

Since I have been single for long,I hurriedly went home to see how my house was because of the tention that arouse mid announcement of presidential results.

Reaching home,I realised that I gave forgot some package at work.I was to go for it the next day,so I had no reason to worry.

By 8pm a friend who is my workmate dropped at my house with the package I had forgot earlier at work.We exchanged few words and he was convinced to stay behind.

We did have sex that night and the guy had a sleepover in my house.Now since then,the guy has refused to pick my calls or respond to my many texts.Am already in mad love with him.

Please help!

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