Simple Ways To Make a Girlfriend Feel Sexy and Desirable



t’s so far out of his frame of reference, he really doesn’t have a way to … Any one of these things can dampen a woman’s ability to feel sexy and …

According to Howwe Biz here is what you are supposed to do.

  1. “Stare at her with desire”
    A woman feels wanted most by how her man looks at her. Men are visually stimulated beings so she will look to see if your eyes tell her ‘I want you’.

    1. “Let her know when she turns you on”
      She feels good when she knows she arouses you. If you are near her and with a hard on or thinking about her when you two are apart and find life in your boxer too hard for comfort; let her know. She wants to know she has an effect on you; even after years together she wants to know she’s still got it.

    2. “Praise her body”
      Speak it, let her hear you talk so good about her sex appeal.

    3. “Notice her efforts”
      If she gets a new hair do, a new dress, if she works out; let her know you are paying attention.

    4. “Protect her from herself”
      A woman can sleep feeling sexy then wake up doubting her sexiness. One negative comment from someone can easily make her question her appeal. She might look at herself and not like her body weight, size or shape and she lowers how she views herself. In those times, affirm her beauty and sex appeal.

    5. “Reserve special titles, descriptions and words for only her”
      Don’t describe other women as sexy, hot, beautiful, a turn on; don’t comment using such words on other women’s photos on social media. Those words are not special if you tell them to other women.

    6. “Make her hug distinct”
      There is no problem hugging female friends, you value their friendship. But the hug you give to your woman should be tighter, touchy, most intimate, distinct from the hugs you give to others.

    7. “Don’t drool over other women”
      Discipline yourself not to be throwing your eyes on other women, ogling over other women’s cleavage, hips, butt, lips, walking style. Focus on your woman.

    8. “Don’t praise another woman above her”
      Never should it be that you seem more intrigued and captured by the beauty of another woman.

    9. “Kiss the parts she considers unpleasant”
      Almost every woman has something on her body she is conscious about. It could be the size or shape of her boobs or bum, her stretchmarks, or even her love handles tiered up on her tummy. Whatever part you hear her mentioning in an uncomfortable manner, kiss it. Kissing it makes her secure, because deep down she is scared you might not find her as sexy because of that part of her body.

    10. “Avoid pornography”
      If you wouldn’t drool over other women in the streets, don’t drool over other women on the screen. She feels sexy when she is enough stimulation and attraction for you and you don’t need to view naked strangers to give you a high.

    Once you get addicted to staring at porn stars, soon you will start lusting after women physically around you. It will be easy to chase after other women for sexual gratification because you chase after porn stars. Unfaithfulness is bred by lust on screen and in the streets.

    1. “Brag about her in public”
      She wants you to desire her and elevate her to the highest special place, not just in private but in public too.

    2. “Exercise your right to suggestive advances”
      She belongs to you, so feel free to flirt her up, to grab her ass, to stroke her skin, to hold her waist; she feels legitimately yours when you take charge.

    3. “Kiss her a lot”
      Sexual attraction is linked to kissing. The more you kiss her the more she feels you desire her.

    4. “Treat her good outside matters sexual”
      Don’t only say the right things and treat her like a queen when you are horny and thinking of sex. Even when sex is not on your mind, treat her like a queen. If you expect your wife to make love to you good in the bedroom, treat her good outside the bedroom. When you are good only when after sex, she feels used.

    5. “Let her know when she touches you good”
      If there is anything she does right to bring you pleasure, let her know. Don’t let her struggle in knowing what to do to please you. When she sees you drowning in her touch she feels powerfully sexy.

    6. “Disclose to her your favorites”
      Do you love her in long tight dresses, bare backs, short dress, high heels, red underwear, thongs, lace, silk; tell her. Make her work easy.

    7. “Cheer her on”
      When she twerks for you, strips for you, lap dances for you, wears lingerie for you; cheer her on, boost her confidence.

    8. “Be faithful”
      Let her know she is enough. Have no other besides her
      A woman can feel sexy but when her man celebrates her sex appeal she feels even more sexy. Man, she is not sexy for herself, she is sexy for you; fire up her sexiness and you will be the sole beneficiary of it!

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