Secret About Nibakishie By Nandy Ft Alikiba

Ego and pride destroy a lot of people.

Nandy has confessed a couple of times that her songs are written by different song writers. According to her,this is nor a nig deal. Big starts all over the world are doing it. What most artists don’t know is,song writers are well connected to the fans and got lots of fresh content.

Nibakishie song by Nandy Ft Alikiba was is written by Kusah.

The ninogeshe singer was called by Kusah about the project. The two met in studio and the song was recorded under two hours! The song is doing very well. It has also made Nandy to regain her title on YouTube. Being the East Africa female artist with many subscribers. Zuchu from WCB Wasafi comes second.

Nandy advices other artists to embrace the culture of utilizing song writers. Despite being crucial stakeholders, that’s how they make money. They need to be supported.