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Download | Stamina Mp3 – Brotherz Muzik Ft Jose Chameleon

DOWNLOAD Stamina Mp3 - Brotherz Muzik Ft Jose Chameleon

Is Cashy Karimi Ready To Expose Her EX Khaligraph Jones?

Just after “Mica Sucasa” we are knew Khaligraph Jones lover,Cashy Karimi whom they had dated for more than 6 years. But after serving us a good hip hop music that would make a record of...

Up Town Girl By Timmy Tdat Ft Bennie Gunter

Download | Up Town Girl Mp3 - Timmy Tdat Ft Bennie Gunter


And Ivlyn Mutua Quits Gospel Music!

If there is music in Kenya that is heading nowhere,then its gospel music. Most Kenyan gospel artists are hypocrates starting with their 'Chairman Alex Ringtone Apoko' As other secular artists are busy switching lanes...
sheeba ft cindy sanyu

Sheeba Can’t Comprehend Cindy Sanyu Feud Towards Her

Ugandan singer Sheebah Karungi is a confused artist. This is by the fueled fued by her said rival,Cindy Sanyu. The two artistes have been in the game for a while flying Ugandan flag high...

Size 8 Lands Another Lucrative Deal

Deals are flowing towards size 8 direction for real This time round the gospel singer has landed another clean deal with Kleesoft,a washing powder company. Glory to God In the highest for this golden opportunity to...