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Barnaba is one of the best singers in Tanzania. He has many hits under his name including Lover Boy than was East Africa anthem for a while.

Apparently Vanessa Mdee and Barnaba got killer chemistry that many people if not keen might not get it. The two musicians drop a joint collabo each and every year. No year can pass minus them having something for their fans. The two while on stage they deliver a hot performance.Barnaba thanks Vee Money in a great way. That she has played a huge role in his life. They two advice each other almost in ecery sector. Talk about music production, dressing, signing contracts even upto relationship matters.

We share a lot though Vanessa Mdee is a secretive lady.

For Kenyan artists,they need to support one another especially if their chemistry is good. Am talking for the likes of Kenrazy & Visita

Barnaba runs a record label that have 5 artists so far.