Ringtone Won’t Find A Wife Anytime Soon


Ringtone stress of getting a wife will not cease soon. For starters, this guy is a big jester. And if you thought that they guy is not serious searching for a wife, you are wrong. Ringtone is in panic mode,age is catching up with him and the guy is single. He has wasted his time bragging online about his wealth, stalking his fellow gospel artists while correcting them.

What Ringtone doesn’t know is the Rule Of Seduction. You just can’t find a wife like it’s a google map location. This is a big let down to the boy child.

I got two reasons why Ringtone will not find a wife in the near future.

Firstly, Ringtone looks for a wife in the wrong places. How can you go to Ngong Hills to find a wife. According to J Blessing,at Ngong Hills,only cows and goats are found there. The other day he was arrested outside Co-operative university raising a banner looking a wife, Bro, that’s not a perfect match place but a learning institution.

The Pamela hit maker should also learn from Size 8 and Dj Mo. You see,Dj Mo was linked with Size 8 by a friend. I saw Shusho airing her advice that She has many girls that Ringtone could chose from and wife her. Perhaps Alex Apoko should call Shusho and try his luck.

Secondly, Ringtone is a man of attitude. For him to be associated with a girl,he needs to change is poor attitude. I bet Zari could have changed his attitude but,he looked for her in the wrong places.

If Ringtone won’t change on the mentioned issues,then he better be ready to live a celibacy life,after all he’s that ‘holy’ than others!

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