How Pascal Tokodi Started Grinding The Beautiful Grace Moko


Fuelled rumours has it that singer cum actor Pascal Tokodi is dating fast raising media personality Grace Moko.

You see,some blogs and vlogs have their wicked ways of gaining traffic unlike we at Vibe Mtaani where we get our facts right first!

Grace and Pascal happened to be in the same place,Smith Hotel at the same time. As if that coincidence was not enough, both were doing Instagram stories sharing pictures from the hotel.

Since the two have huge following on Instagram, fans could notice the similarities between the two. And the assumption was the two are dating! As for now,that is what triggered the developing story.

So is Pascal Tokodi and Grace Moko dating? According to Grace who shared her story with Vibe Mtaani,they are not dating. We have to stick to that as for now. You know celebrities have their ways of doing things. They can deny now and confess later.

Pascal has been linked with the current Chipukeezy girlfriend,Kibanja. The two are said to be more than friends.During a Q&A session with fans, Kibanja dispelled the claims but, Chipukeezy has remained silent on the issue.

We will reveal some deeper facts on this story in our next article, so stick around since Pascal Tokodi has some exclusive details concerning her ‘relationship’ with the former Kyeni Tv host.

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