Balulu The Icon, Kenya’s Award Winning, Recording, Performing talented artiste from Kisumu is in trouble. At his early 20s he has managed to be signed under 3 major Recording Labels in Kenya alongside top Kenyan Artistes to Winning major Awards like Kisumu Teeniez Choice Award.

Balulu is currently signed and managed by RB MANAGEMENT Kenya which is a label that’s also managing top Tanzanian Artiste ‘Mr Nana Music.

Balulu does hype and club banger type of music with hard punch lines kinda hiphop which are very relatable to.

Balulu Started music back then while still in high school where he managed to record his first and debut single in early 2015.

Having released lots of Singles in both Visual and Audio, Balulu seems to be in trouble this time round after he released a new Video off his EP ‘FEELING THE HEAT’, the video which was uploaded on YouTube didn’t even last 2 hours after it was deleted from his YouTube account.

We tried to reach out to his Manager and Producers to try to find out the Main reason behind his video being pulled down from YouTube, as it’s not a norm especially to his previous projects.

It’s Known to us that Balulu’s Video was pulled down from YouTube due to major issues from the management to the Film Regulators in Kenya, it’s narrated that the Video contained an obscene part where an underage female vixen was part of. The Vixen’s parents happened to see the video that made them sue Balulu for using their daughter as a prop to act in such disgusting part.

It’s also evident that Balulu went against the Management contract terms by breaching agreements as set by the management and the producers, since Balulu decided to upload the Video without consulting nor notifying the management has he had pending payments for the production part.

We have tried to reach out to Balulu as the artiste to find out if these allegations are true, but to our vain it has not been possible, but from his management desk it’s noted that they are settling the matter as soon and will be able to get the video reviewed and uploaded back to YouTube.

Watch the YouTube video that was pulled down.

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