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Jabulant Shares More About Harmonize And Alikiba Picture


Harmonize and Alikiba picture has been trending for days now. Having it that the two,since way back have not been close. Infact, Alikiba has always ignored the Konde Music CEO. However, Harmonize holds it that he respects King Kiba. Now where is the genesis of the picture? Videographer Jabulant opens up.

Harmonize and Alikiba
| Harmonize and Alikiba | © Jabulant

Jabulant had always wished to take a photo of Harmonize and Alikiba while sitted together. He knew very well that the picture will be the talk of town and be used in various areas in the entertainment industry. Something that is happening now.

When heading back home after Afrovasha event, Jabulant approached the artistes and requested to take a photo. They all agreed and the rest is history.

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