Guys You Should Know This : See The 3 Clear SIGNS You Are Not The Only Person She’s Sle’ep!ng With


They say it’s okay when a guy cheats on his woman; simply because, it is believed that most men are not monogamous in nature. He can sleep with hundreds of women but still be in love with his woman they say, but that notion is as immoral as a woman cheating on her man for whatever reason.

Sometimes, women can take it to the extreme. Once a woman starts cheating, it’s worse than when a guy does it. The craziest part is trying to conceal it. Women are wired to be nurturing. When a woman is sleeping with someone outside of her relationship, it’s easy to tell. This is not to say all women cheat, but the ones that do always have a tell-tale sign and that’s what you want to watch out for.

  1. She turns down your advances too often
    Woman turning down $.ex
    When she turns you down too often, too much then it is a sign she might be sleeping with someone else. This is not to say she can’t turn you down when she’s tired. However, if it goes on for months, especially when there’s a lacking in the overall connection between you two, it might just be her subtle way of letting you know, you don’t do it for her anymore.

  2. Always hiding her phone
    Woman sneaking to check her phone
    This is a no brainier. Only someone who has something to hide will make an effort to become very private. If your girl is sleeping out, she suddenly thinks you are prying too much into her personal affairs. She tells you stuff like “respect my boundaries’. ” trust me, i am not cheating on you.” As a matter of fact, if she is giving you unsolicited confessions like: “I was out late because my friend was blah..blah” she’s probably lying and might just be sharing her national cake to the neighborhood.

  3. She becomes a nag
    Angry woman
    If your girl used to be sweet and calm and out of no where she’s the opposite of her usual self, she might just be sleeping with someone else. Suddenly, everything you do is wrong . She will argue all day when she’s with you, nag about how you act especially if you keep quiet and try to understand her plight. She will get offended if you are calm about it, she will rain hell if you stand your ground and argue with her. there’s no winning here, the real problem is, she’s seeing someone else and her conscience is eating her up.
    What other give-away signs do you notice?

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