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Why Cheq N Cheq Tv Show Is A Must Watch


Cheq N Cheq Tv Show is the fast rising local celebrity show that makes you glued to your screen each and every wednesday.The show is hosted by one of the finest host Omwami alongside the slaying Sharon. Sometime back we highlighted Gadiel Richard Meiliary who runs “His Majesty Entertainment.” The able producer was able to team up with an artist cum deejay under his lable,Dj Zilla,and start the show.

Kenya mainstream media is almost dead and hence Richard Meiliary   is the new sheriff in the industry.He has joined the few pioneer artists advocating for 70% of local content.It is evident that getting airplay is a hard challenge facing our young artists joining the lucrative industry.One has to know a few stakeholders in the industry to climb the ladder.For Richard,he see’s that like a past cult.Helping others to tap their full talent potential.

“Apart from entertaining and educating people,this show is  supporting young talented artists.”Richard explains in detailed about the show that he produces.
“You know there are many youths with talents more than those we use to see and hear from Tv’s and Radios but thier talents can’t be heard or seen only because they lack a platform of showcasing. So when I say Cheq N Cheq show will help to develop the talent of upcoming artist I mean that i will make sure I will use all my resource to reach as many youth as I can. I normally say Cheq N Cheq Show follows talented one n not them to follow us, we reach them where they are.”

His Majesty Entertainment makes sure your talent is utilized fully.With partnership with Cheq N Cheq show,your music videos are sure to get enough airplay.The show also holds video launch each and every friday at Club Sayers located in westlands,Nairobi.

Make a date and tune MTN Kenya Tv for the invaluable show every wednesday as from 10:30pm till midnight.

So far the show that has gannered massive support from established artists and also young artists in the industry.

Any artist looking for quality video production and free marketing to the media please let  communicate with Richard via 0796676827.

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