Eyebrows Raised Over Mzazi Tuva Proclamation


King Of Radio airwaves has raised more speculation from masses on what he gonna unveil on 22nd of June. We all know the Mseto EA CEO is a man of many tactics in the entertainment industry. Bit this time round,nobody knows what he has for his fans following a poster he posted .

Mzazi had few words for his poster that he shared on his instagram page. Since then the poster has gone viral and Tuva has not reveled much apart from the date that he will let of the big thing into public domain.

Mzazi Tuva Poster

This is what he posted,

“Your great idea will become a wish if you don’t dare to work on it : #22ndJune.”

In the recent past the celebrated radio host has been holding a number of meeting with respected guys who are in the entertainment industry.

Muzadde ( Istagram )

But this Something Big has made many to wonder what a major pull will Muzadde bring.

Curious Jamaican singer Alaine also was in the mix of knowing what will happen on the D-Day.

Alaine Curiosity

But who is Mzazi,he never gave her the hint. This is all he had to say

Muzadde Answer

Its just a matter of time that we hope the sonething big will happen. As a matter of fact,it wount be a negative thing.

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