Mzazi willy M Tuva is an award winning radio host not only Kenya or East Africa but the whole of Africa. Being an influential guy,on a daily basis,he receives numerous calls, texts and even emails from many artists. Some want to be featured in his show Mambo Mseto or land an interview here or there.

What you need to know, he can’t reply to everyone. And his advice is simple, keep trying and don’t give up. Not only him but any media personality you want yo reach. Finding someone’s number is might be simple that even talking to them.

First,before sliding to someone DM or inbox, its good to introduce yourself! Vital. Reason of your message since this will make them help you easily.If luck is at your side,you will get a chance to engage one on one.

Reaching public figure to hand your work is a task. If reaching a particular presenter is hard for you,let your work speak for you till they get to them.