Sheeba Can’t Comprehend Cindy Sanyu Feud Towards Her

sheeba ft cindy sanyu

Ugandan singer Sheebah Karungi is a confused artist. This is by the fueled fued by her said rival,Cindy Sanyu. The two artistes have been in the game for a while flying Ugandan flag high but,they don’t see each other.

Local radio interviewed Sheebah freely shared her story towards the perpetual beef. Starting to express how Cindy doesn’t respect her at all.

Cindy doesn’t respect me at all. She constantly makes me look am doing nothing good.

According to Sheebah,she holds nothing against Cindy and would want to get to the root cause of their said beef.

I really want to understand Cindy feud. I have heard it works for her. Maybe it works for her business wise.

Sheebah has ventured into women pads business. This is after succesfully running other business that include a clothing line among others. She launced her Holic Sanitary Pads in an effort to empower women and not to just to make money.Surprisingly,Cindy congratulated the former obsession dancer. Going a step further to ask for a collabo with Sheeba.

She doesn’t think am talented enough but wants a collabo with me. That to me is fake social media love. Cindy is crediting me because everyone is doing so.

During the interview she stated clearly the she is not falling for someone offer who has been hating her for 5 years down line. Truly she doesn’t trust her.

Its a game for her but not for me.Let her be genuine and call me. We can always end this in a genuine way. Maybe we meet up for a coffee or wine date.

sheeba ft cindy sanyu

The former member of Blu 3 wrote for Sheeba first song that brought her to the limelight.