Diana Unfollows Bahati And Deletes his Pictures

Diana Marua has made a move that has raise speculation and eyebrows about her marriage state. This is she deleted Bahati pictures from her Instagram and unfollwed him.

The mother of two went on to change her name from Signora Bahati to Miss Dee.
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This recent move from Diana Marua comes a month after the two celebrated their wedding anniversary. Though many might think it’s a public stunt,there’s more to that. Deleting all Bahati pictures and recent posts by Wanani singer.

One of the posts read,

Kazi Ya Roho Ni Kusukuma Damu Tuu!!!

Does it mean that Bahati has now realised that heart sole work is to pump blood.

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Bahati manager Weezdom who is also his close pal told Mambo Mseto that he has no idea about the latest development . However,he promised to follow up on the matter. Adding that the two are deeply in love and whatever they have now,they will eventually work it out.

Bahati has gone on to warn bloggers to stay away from his family.

Stop Planting Flowers In Peoples Yards Who Arent Going To Water Them. SO BLOGGERS PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM MY FAMILY !!!

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