Weezdom Cries After His Role Model Picks Another Artist

Money and fame can make someone change. That is what happened to Weezdom. Fame got into brain system and forgot what got him to the superstar he is.

A few years ago Weezdom was just a bhang smoker,a serious drug addict and a useless guy in Mathare slums. His life was a mess and at a given time he used to ferry firearms for criminals. Thank God he was linked to Bahati who molded him. Bahati took him and stayed with him in his own house. He was like a father figure to him but,also a big brother. He natured the talent that Weezdom was sleeping on with drugs.

After being someone, he forgot who “brought him up”. And his ego made him leave EMB and took his own path. Confessing online,Weezdom revealed how he is guilty of telling lies about Bahati on various media houses that he was initially introduced by the same guy.

Introduction of Peter Blessing by Bahati to the industry made Weezdom remember where he is from. Through the two have settled their difference, I hope this will become a lesson to other upcoming artists.

Enyewe wasee I’ve been offline nikijifikiria sana na ata after @bahatikenya kunisamehea kuna vitu sijaweza mwambia Coz somehow I’m guilty. Lakini kuna vitu hazifichiki eg. Kama venye kenya yote imewitness akitoa #PeterBlessing from kazi ya security guard akajitolea akaenda hadi kwao home Taita Taveta na suddenly ndio huyu kijana amekuwa an overnight superstar #muchrespect. This has taken me while back vile bahati alinitoa mtaani nikiwa at a worse situation as a drug addict while I had lost hope in Music akanipea jina WEEZDOM. He literally introduced me to every media personality I know today Lakini ndio ujue binadamu ni binadamu hizo hizo radio station alinipeleka ndio nilienda interviews baadae nikamtukana. Mehn!

As a prodigal son,Weezdom is going home again.

Respect your elders always.