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Up Town Girl By Timmy Tdat Ft Bennie Gunter

Download | Up Town Girl Mp3 - Timmy Tdat Ft Bennie Gunter

3 Interesting Things About Redsan

Redsan is arguably the best dancehall artist in Kenya. Here are some of facts that you need to know about the guy who joined music industry more than 20 years ago processionally. Serving you unlimited...

Mzazi Willy M Tuva Advice To Parents

Mzazi Willy M Tuva is East Africa most decorated On Air Personality. He has made a name for himself by hosting Mambo Mseto on Citizen Radio and Mseto becoming a big brand in East...


Mkubwa Fella Feels Sorry For Rich Mavoko

Since Rich Mavoko joine WCB,things started going south for him. His exit from the label almost saw him hit bottom down.Before being signed or also working under Kaka Empire in Kenya,Rich Mavoko was making...

Strange Facts About Drake’s Million Dollar Mattress

Drake lives an extravagant life. Enjoying life to the fullest. After giving his fan a deserving performance or recording in studios,Drake ensures he sleeps well. Sleeping well is healthy and Drake knows that better. The...
frasha embarasing moments

The Day Frasha Cried On Stage Like A Baby

We all love attending events and watch our celebrities perform. The same way we anticipate for a great performance, artistes also look forward to meet with their fans. King Of Flow Frasha once had a...