Wacha Kunizoea !! Willy Paul Warns Popular Rival Artist


Controversial ‘gospel’ singer Willy Paul has raised an alarm of his account being hacked.Does Willy Poze know the culprit? Oh yeah .He throws the shades to a particular artists he is giving sleepless nights with his success.

Willy Paul is set to release his new hit soon.

Read what Willy Paul had to say:
” I was not ready to share this… but my people… but one particular person tempered with my plans.. 5days ago I announced here that in a few months a new song would be dropped by me.. immediately after that my account got hacked and I could not access it . Thanks be to God I got it back.. yesterday I asked guys to tell me when they’d like me to release a new song.. today they tried again but FAILED TERRIBLY.. this is a warning to a particular artist who apparently I’ve been giving sleepless nights unknowingly.. stop sending your people to hack my page… with or without an Instagram page I will still release the song.. You don’t see me minding ur business so stay out of my lane. This is not a competion. I’ve forgiven you so many times but wacha kinizoe..”

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