True Story About Zari And Her Love Life Including Ivan


Mtoto wa kifalme on facebook group analyzed the rise of Uganda socialite Zarina Hassan aka Zari the boss lady the current wife of Tanzania lead musician Diamond Platinumz.

This is what he revealed;

What led to the separation of this couple ( Ivan and Zari ) that
lived together for 11 years and rose from grass to grace?

It all started when Ivan started
promoting Zaris music career , while she was not famous in Uganda , in 2009 when Facebook
hype had picked up in Uganda , zari became a household name . By then Judith heard was the
leading socialite , then beef started between zari and Judith Heard , fans were divided
between team Judith Heard and team zari and both fought about who owned more money.

Zari told Judith she relies on old bazungu to get money , team Judith heard retailiated by telling
zari she dates a fat and local sangoma who can’t speak English, this hurt zari so much and it
started leading to a strain in their relationship,zari wanted Ivan to be perfect so as to clap back
to her haters , Ivan just wanted to continue being himself , tension started arising in the
relationship as zari rose fast to fame and now had cameras allover her , after her successful
white party in 2010 , she was now the talk of the town with Ivan but deep inside she wasn’t
happy with his image since haters always mocked her that she had afat sangoma who can’t speak English , zari became fraustrated which led to her cheating with a South African guy , rumors is that Ivan caught her red handed
and out of anger slapped her .

This caused more tension and the relationship grew apart ,
Ivan started trying to loose weight to maintain zari but she started looking for someone , she
got lugudde , and taunted Ivan that she has a man with asix pack , she posted shirtless pictures of lugudde to show off his muscles to
Ivan . Ivan was depressed and even tried to go for atuummy tuck surgery.

Zari dumped
lugudde and went on to date farouq ssempala,
she knew ssempala had no money but she used
his body and muscles to mock Ivan . Ivan become more depressed because he could not
change his body neither could he speak American English like lugudde or farouq ssempala.

Zari made sure that all her new men had Better bodies , something which she lacked
in her marriage with Ivan .

After a leaked sex tape of Zari with a west African man , farouq
left Zari and she went on to hook up the talented young Tanzania artist Diamond who had the good body and was presentable , this
was acomplete package for the Zari social media image . The rest is history , in the
meanwhile Ivan continued to love her and was so close to her siblings like ting dis . Ivan told
friends that zari left him because she wanted someone with a better body . , she wasn’t
proud to be with him or show him off like her man by posting about him,in other words , the
beef that started with Judith heard fans mocking Ivan is what led to the collapse of the
11 year relationship, what hurt Ivan most is when Zari would display the chests and muscles
of her new men , lugudde, farouq and diamond just to taunt Ivan . He felt so small like aman .
And resorted to drinking and stress which finally gave him pressure and stroke that killed
him .

In conclusion, it’s social media , seeking fame and validation that led to the downfall of this couple. Ivan could never get the six pack
and speak proper English, yet that was the image Zari wanted for her brand , that is what
depressed him most . Zari always praised Ivan because deep inside she knew he was agood man and even the brother of Zari never left
Ivan’s side.Ivan slapped her because of cheating but the public never forgave him.and what hurts Ivan’s family and friends is that zari used to excuse of the slap but the truth is she just
wanted to replace Ivan with aguy with a better image for showbiz that’s why she cheated on
him yet he was the father of her kids and they hustled together to get wealth.

Rip Ivan may God forgive your sins .

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