Joining Wasafi Recording Label is not easy. Meeting Wasafi CEO is one of the hardest part. You have to pass through many people before even meeting the top 3 ranking managers of Diamond Platnumz. Lava Lava was under wasafi for a whole year before setting an eye on Diamond. Talk about levels!

After signing Zuchu,the newest member of Wasafi Label,Simba shared 5 things they look before taking in an artiste.

  1. Singing Skills

You can agree that all Wasafi artistes are singers. For one to join them,he/she must be a singer.

  1. Composing Skills

You must be a good song writer. That’s undebatable. Writing your own songs at Wasafi Recording Label is mandatory. The wasafi team polishes up your skills and makes it perfect.

  1. Adopt Celebrity Lifestyle

Artistes under Wasafi Records are superstars by default. For you to join the celebrities team,you have to look like one. Wasafi Records artistes are supposed to roll like celebrities no faking. At wasafi,you need to be presentable like a superstar. That’s why you saw Diamond Platnumz personally took Zuchu out for shopping.

  1. Discipline

Respecting people is a key aspect before being considered to be under Wasafi.

  1. Respect

Any artiste wishing to join Diamond Platnumz label shoul be of high morals. At Wasafi Label,respecting people as an artist is one of their pillar.

Joining wasafi is that simple. Follow those tips and if lucky you are in.

Top 5 Tips To Join Wasafi Records As Shared By Diamond Platnumz