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Nvirii wrote Pombe Sigara almost 3 years before he recorded it. Pombe Sigara hit is based on a true story that happen to him. He broke up with his then girlfriend and thought he could concentrate on his music enturely afterwards.

On one key weekend,as usual,Nviiri went out to party,sing his lungs out and make some cash. While partying, he noticed some sexy lass,approached her and exchanged contacts.

The next day after a weekend out and full hangover, he realized that he can do away with parties & drinks but,can’t do away with chiqs. Thats how his 2019 major hit Pombe Sigara came to be.

Just like Jaguar’s Kigeugeu that made KU students have it sing it repeatedly, Nviiri once sung Pombe Sigara for a whooping 15 minutes.