Serikali Saidia – ‘My Husband Sleeps With My maids’


My name is Chika, a 35 -year – old married mother of three . I am unfortunate to get married to a man who has a problem controlling his sexual libido .
That seems to be Henry ’ s major undoing because apart from that , he is really a super husband and a lovely father to our kids, the more reason I find it difficult to leave him even when he misbehaves

Many of my friends have advised me to divorce Henry but at my age and with three children, I doubt if getting a divorce is the best option . Others have said I should keep praying for him to change but for how long will I keep praying for a man who is not ready to change ?

My husband is so randy that he goes after anything in skirt including our housemaids . In the 10 years that we have been married , Henry has been caught on four different occasions having sex with my maids .

The first time I caught him, I had just given birth to our first child and my mother had to send a young girl from the village to help me around the house as she was not strong enough to come herself .
Just one month after the girl came to live with us, I walked into her room in the dead of night after hearing some strange sounds to catch my husband humping away on her .

The girl confessed that it was not the first time he had sneaked into her room to make love to her . Henry begged and pleaded that no one should hear the sordid story , especially my people at home as it would be a big disgrace .

I had to forgive him , not knowing that more would follow. He even got one of the maids pregnant and we to procure a secret abortion fo her but it seemed my keeping quiet went a long way to embolden him as he keeps going back to his vomit and bringing disgrace to me .

I have had it up to my neck with his philandering and I am not sure I will be able to bear another of such betrayal.
What do I do?

credit: Frosh Vibes

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