See How Diana Marua Made Weezdom Leave EMB Records.


There is a saying in the streets that goes,’Women rule the world but,men make them do so.’

Weezdom was the first artist to be ‘signed’ by Bahati recording label. Weezdom was a drug addict in the streets and had nothing positive to offer apart from his talent.

His friends linked him with Bahati and that was the turning point of his life. Weezdom changed to be a good gospel artist in Kenya. As a matter of fact Bahati took him and decided to stay with him in his house where he stayed for more than 3 years. Weezdom looked up to Bahati as abig brother,mentor and also like a father figure.

Nothing really was in the media why Weezdom leaved EMB Records. It was rumored that Bahati was mad with Weezdom after having good relationship with Willy Paul. This is after he appeared in ‘I DO’ video of Willy Paul featuring Alaine.

Weezdom songs

But recently during an interview with Mambo Mseto,Weezdom said Diana Marua was the sole reason why he had to differ with Bahati. She brought changes that tampered with the brotherly relationship that was between the two artists. Without explaining much exclusives, he said he had forgiven Bahati. But his wife made all the possible efforts that saw him leave EMB

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