Nandy & Billnass Strange Love Story


2016 is when Nandy and Bilnass met. During a tour they both participated in most towns in Tanzania. At that time is when Maua sama and Nandy had turned enemies after being good friends for long. However,Billnass was still a friend to Maua Sama.

When the two artists met,Billnass was in another relationship with an arabic girlfie while Nandy was starting her career and was single. It is at Mbeya when they shared a lot and talked about relationship. Billnass disclosed that to her that he was in a shaky relationship with his gal by then. Cause she missed his birthday and never spent time together. Hence her ex now was mad at him.

Caring is what made Nandy fell in love Billnass. And and his honesty made her feelings grow more to the rapper. On the other hand,Nandy’s beauty, intelligence and understanding nature is what Billnass loved in the Ninogeshe hitmaker.

Jealously made the two couple break up. Billnass was a party guy and Nandy felt she never got the attention she required. And on the other hand,Billnass felt she was overwhelmed by that kind of pressure Nandy had and so the two quit their power couple relationship that lasted more than an year.

Lately the two are back together and very close but on business issue only. However,Billnass is in another relationship but started having issues when they started being close with Nandy.

They have done a project together, Bugana.

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