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Tanzania news and blogs are on the Nandy and Dogo Janja dating story. The two are seen so close and their chemistry is not that doing a musical project but family project.

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Billnass had to come into the mix and share what he feels about the issue. According to Billnass,he knew Dogo Janja before even meeting Nandy. And by then,Janjaro and Nandy were good friends. The rapper feels its a good thing if the two are dating because they were initially friends and secondly,both are his friends.

Nandy & Dogo Janja
Nandy & Dogo Janja

Nandy and Billnass were dating in the past and sometime back they were trending after their nudes leaked online. On the other hand,Dogo Janja was dating Irene Uwoya. The two broke up even after doing a wedding after cheating was involved in their marriage.

Both Billnass and Dogo Janja performed on Nandy Festival 2019.