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It’s now 7 days since Nyashinski was teamed up with Naiboi to drop Black. An amazing tune that has been banging repeatedly on my stereos.

2 days after its release the song was already trending number fifteen with more than 118k views. Getting Nyash for an interview is not easy so Naiboi landing a collabo with the legend is enough respect.

Nyashinski is the king of comeback and that’s undebatable. Naiboi on the other side is a hardworking artist. Always serving us good music and putting Kenyan music on the map.

The Malaika singer videos easily gets a million views within a short period. I expected the same with black but,that wasn’t the case. Glory by Nyash is the official video with less views,561k views in 5 months. The music audios on his channels are doing well too. Marathon Runner leading the list with 2.1M views.

Balck has seen Naiboi YouTube subscribers increase immensely within a span of 7 days. Anytime from now he might be presented with YouTube silver plaque for hitting 100k subscribers. Within a week,the renown producer has gained more than 5k subscribers.

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Naiboi has gained more Nyashinski fans and has broadened his fanbase. With YouTube having all aspects on default, the more subscribers you have,the more views you get and that results to more earnings.

Black by Nyashinski and Naiboi is doing very well and has more than 200k views.