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Darassa was in the country on a media tour. He made a stop at Top Mashariki for an exclusive interview with Mwinyi Kazungu. Among the stories that he shared included his private life. Is Darassa single? Keep reading to know more about him.

Nyimbo mpya

Music fame hit him unplanned something that made him vanish from the limelight. He kept a low life and people speculated he dived into drugs. That at a given time he was taken to rehab.

We have evidence of people who have used drugs never returned back into their careers or their good lives. Personal I have never engaged in drug abuse according to the stories that made rounds online.

And he used the rumours in a positive way.

Something that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Those stories were malicious and they have made me a beast that I am.

Darassa goes on to reveal that his break was vital. It was not making sense to be a big name but,broke. No proper management and the earnings were not proportional to his big efforts of releasing big tunes. His music will be timeless but what next for him when not singing anymore? He had to curb the speed of his music for a while.

Kazungu & Darassa
Kazungu & Darassa

For the whole of 2018 Darassa had gone mute. Not even his social media presence was felt. He had done Utanipenda with Rich Mavoko,Too Much and Mziki before his famous break.

I took a break to take another dimension of having music as my business. At the same time I was blessed with a kid.

Mr. Burudani goes on to clarify that Mr. T Touch and Abbah are one big family. They have something more than just music.

Despite being a good guy to chill with, Darassa is a family man.

I respect my wife. She believes in my hustle and has never given me a challenge.

Darassa spends a lot in his projects. For instance he investments heavily in his video vixen and his dress code. He wants to be comfortable with what he does and maybe leave a good legacy for his grandchildren. That’s why he is cautious of what he posts online and how he dresses.