Men Avoid This 3 Types Of Women !!


If you are a guy, you should know that there are some kinds of girls you shouldn’t date for any reason.
Do you know that there are some girls you will date, and their actions will make you to hate your existence, you will live in regrets, while there are some that will truly admire and be happy that they are dating you?
Below are top 5 girls you should not date today:

The addicted type
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Love, they say is a beautiful thing no doubt. It is good for your girlfriend to love you so much. But when a girl is seriously addicted to you, she may try to be involved in everything concerning you.
It may get to the extent that she would no longer do anything without first telling you to help her do so. If she is addicted to you, chances are she will be a liability to you. At that point, she will be boring to you, and she may end up being a disaster to you.

She is your ATM card
Although, this sounds so funny, but the truth is that a lot of girls are into this. This is what some people refer as ‘Maga’- he is someone that gives out money, some call it central bank or sugar daddy. So, the relationship is a disaster when her sole interest on you is because you are ready to spend, and the love will diminish the moment you stop dishing out the funds.

The obsessive and jealous one
You are already finished if you are dating this kind of person. Although, it is understandable that she is in love with you. If she is worried anytime she sees you greeting a friend or sister, then there is a serious problem. You either flee from the relationship, or you will try to cut her excesses, if not you will live to regret dating her in the first place.


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