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I was standing with Magix Enga in the whole saga of Uno by Harmonize but the way he handled the issue,I can’t stand in his tent.

Nyimbo mpya

Why report a song citing copyright infringement and by the end of the report,you lose? Is it superiority battle? If at all Magix Enga knew East Africa Music was big than us all,could he do such a thing?

Magix Enga you need to grow up and know how to handle things like a mature respected producer in Kenya. Motif Di Don and Laizer also sample beats and by following the right legal protocol. Yes Uno sampled your beats of Dundaing without your consent, that’s wrong I agree. You could have reached them via his manager or maybe you did. But I expected something more than letting the issue go. And the way it had caused unrest in the entertainment industry!

Maybe you need to visit Bongo and get some beating led by TID