L Jay Masaai Follows Up Willy Paul In Ditching Gospel Music

L Jay Maasai is one of the artists whom made a breakthrough in music after singing in native language. In particular am referring his big break song Maa Leji,5 years ago!

Slowly he is switching to secular music. It’s hard for him to even acknowledge gospel music. He goes on and blames failed gospel and not the gospel industry. He went ahead and did a collabo with his controversial gospel counterpart artist Kush Tracey. For the past one year I can confirm that L Jay Maasai is not doing real gospel music excluding Ma Miracle song.

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L Jay Maasai

In a recent interview, L Jay referred himself as an artist and not a gospel artist.

Gospel artist doing love song is not a problem,the problem is him changing from being a gospel artist to a just an artist. Its ridiculous how secular artists are doing better gospel songs while the so called gospel artists are contradicting themselves doing love & inspirational songs.

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