Kale Queen Msupa S Should Look For Cardi B

I had to take you back for a while. Remember Kalenjin Queen,Msupa S? That diva who draws her rap inspiration from Beyonce? Haha. I can’t diss Kale Queen not because I fear kalenjins running on my back,but is her flow that tight than a virgin?

Watajua Hawajui collabo was a mess infact a disaster but it hit a million views in 4 days. Msupa S is a music comedian. She sounds no difference than what Njugush did to Fena Gitu song,Sijaskia Vibaya.

But where is Msupa S lately? After listening to the hype and the confidence that she has? Let her reach out to Cardi B and see if they can do something. Many artists out here dream of having a collabo with the OG. She had her share but,she might have taken it for granted. I can remember how even her outfit changed but lasted for few days.