Juacali apologies after roasting Njugush


Juacali has apologized to Njugush and his fans over his sentiments that caused a stir online. The legendary artist said he is a great fan of Njugush and that he was sorry over his opinion.

“Njugush and your fans, am sorry if my tweet sounded harsh but, that wasn’t my intention,” said Juacali.

The genge artist holds that Njugush standup comedy is not there yet. He said the funny man has a long way to go but with practice he will reach the next level.

Juacali’s apology comes days after his tweet went viral online. A section of diaspora fans allegedly said Njugush performed dry jokes. In the midst of the whole conversation, Juacali tweeted and said Njugush is not even funny. His tweet gained traction and there was a whole conversation out of this.

Banjuka hit-maker,DNA echoed Juacali opinion saying what Njugush does is theatre and not stand-up comedy.

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