Jaguar Finally Listens To Octopizzo


So did Jaguar condemn the recent killings in Baba Dogo?
A couple of days there has been a vocal beef between two big artists in Kenya.

It all started with the chaos happening in Kenya.Octopizzo attacked Jaguar for not condemning the killing of people since he is an elected leader.On the other hand Jaguar was against destruction of property and looting.

This conversation made fans from two teams attack each other.Octopizzo said on national radio that he wount be in terms with the Ndoto hitmaker now Starehe Member Of Parliament.

Well in the latest killings,Jaguar might have taken in the advice from Sing Along hitmaker.Jaguar condemns the recent Ruaraka killings in Mathare constituency where 6 people were killed with unknown people.He did it in a tweet he tweeted.

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