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Man Fakes Own Death To Get Hateful Wife Arrested


Nearly Fifty percent of marriages end in divorce in America, but very few end how Texas’s Ramon Sosa’s did. Sosa wed his dream girl six years ago, but things soured and she eventually asked for a divorce. However, instead of going through all that paperwork, she chose to hire a hit man to kill her husband for the low cost of $2000. Unfortunately, the guy she asked to do it was Ramon’s friend, and he immediately ratted her out. Ramon went to the police and with the help of authorities, he took her down… by pretending to be dead. Ramon staged a photo that made it seem like he’d been shot in the head. Detectives used the pictures to prove to Maria the job had been done. She was so happy she laughed when she saw the photos, but the laughter stopped when she was arrested. She’s now serving 20 years in prison for second degree capital murder. Source:

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