Is David Wonder Killing Weezdom Music Career ?


I always have an aspect of telling the truth and saying facts.Its with no doubt that David Junior Odera alias David Wonder is taking gospel music to the next level in Kenya. But,where is Weezdom?

Just a couple of months ago Weezdom was the first artist to be signed with Kevin Bahati EMB Records.Leave alone the drama sorrounding the issue. Bahati being raised in an orphanage home,he has that “humility’ in him that he hides in just to get anybodys attention.I wonder even how he got to marry an old lady from Tanzania.

Under his ‘fast rising’ recording cum most beloved studio,he has oozed the same virus of ‘humility’ to the artists ge has signed,starting with Weezdom.As a matter of fact,Bahati is a big name,Bahati was a big name.Doing a first project with his artist is a Must just to make sure that “his investment” doesn”t go on a waste.

He started with Weezdom,a reformed criminal.Well Weezdom,Faham was a good song,thank God it was a solo project.With numerous media tour praising his ‘god’ the song made ways for him and he won Best New Artiste 2016
at the Mwafaka Awards .The story went on well and Weezdom released his second song, Amenitoa Far.Despite being a testimonial song,it was a pure crap.He tried also and released Testify but did not pick well.

Weezdom did the unexpected by joining ‘best gospel artist in Kenya’ ,Willy Paul. .Bahati and Willy Paul are long time frenenies.They dont go hand in hand not unless when they are left out by awards directors. By accepting to be the Best Man in a controversial weeding between Alaine and Pozee,Bahati could not take a chill pill.He just did the worse by pulling down Weezdom music from youtube and claiming not to have ever signed him.What a role model Bahati is!!!

Last I heard from Weezdom was a cooked up collabo with Guardian Angel . Willy Paul is self centred guy and can not help Weezdom at all unless show him his dirty tricks that Bahati once salivated onto. Lately,the once young kid in the industry is fighting pregnancy claims.Atleast he needs to wrap his thing before sliding in.

I wount talk about the story of Mr.Seed today but its a story for another day.

so….. after Weezdom exit,David Wonder is here.And truly the kid has made some huge steps. Ndogo Ndogo is a big tune.I wonder why Bahati had to input his vocals in the song! Anyway he could have pushed the song via his facebook page and tag it with his 40+ friends. Bahati and his Emb records has a poor management and thats why their videos dont pass quater million views on youtube.

David wonder has learnt how not to repeat the same mistakes Weezdom did.Instead of prasing Bahati all over media houses,he purely talks about his music.The gut is thirsty of spreding the gospel truly.

Unlike Weezdom who had to rely on Bahati to show him where studios are and which presenters to seek for interviews,David Wonder is exeptional.He does his media tour alone. Secondly he does mature content than his experience in the industry.Just have a look at his new song Mtindo.

Kudos David! Maintain your lanes and try as faster to know your voice before your lost in stardom.

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