Havoc Musiq

Happened to listen bit of Havoc interview and upon checking out her YouTube channel, I can assure you she is the next biggest gospel dancehall artist. She can be mentioned in the same like with the likes of Hopekid and Jfam.

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She narrates her humble background and how she is changing her life testimony by doing dancehall music. Growing up she faced rough times. The number of time she has gone to bed without supper is uncountable. In that scenario of lacking food,affording money for studio session was such a hurdle.

Havoc could be semi-illiterate was it not for a sponsorship she got to pay her high school fees and college fees.

Currently Havoc is signed by a company that has made her in a good position to record music. And soon she’s gonna drop her album.

Havoc Musiq


Watch Atatenda by Havoc Musiq