Ethic Entertainment shared a post that raised mixed reaction. They purport being revolutionary group that introduced a new genre connecting with the Kenyan vibe.

Ethic revolutionized the kenya music scene at a time when Kenyans didn’t have an authentic sound they could connect and vibe and dance to.

I also support they post. Before Ethic sprout,Kenyan music was literally dead. All we heard was the Naija feel and more of Bongo Fleva. The West Africa artistes had dominated our main stream media. Something that sparked an online debate over the issue. Media houses blaming the Kenyan artistes for lack of content while artistes on their side blaming the media houses for not supporting their own.

The new wave come and boom it pushed Bongo Fleva and Naija out. As much as Ethic deserves respective credit,they should tame their ego. Unless theg want to trample down.

“Introduced a whole new genre of music that captures a lot of kenyan culture in it.Hate or love us that will go down in history.”

If they want to go down in history as they wish,then Ethic should consider how. Iddi Amin and Nelson Mandela are down in history too. But they are incomparable.

Ethic should start avoiding vulgur language,nudity visuals and content advocating for vices in their music. That way they will have a better place in the Kenyan Entertainment Industry history.

Right now gengetone consumption is at peak.