Cyprian Nyakundi Achievements


Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi The “Boy Child President” has been the talk of town in the past week.

The bold blogger who jots downs his articles at his site under Truth And Facts,started a campaign to eradicate the “slay queen” culture in Kenya. All went well to an extent that some boy child recorded an audio song in his praise.

Things went south when the boy child could not sacrifice 2 beers to fund the intiated campaign. According to Nyakundi,the boy child wanted a paybill number where they could donate some cash for the campaign. Well many may think the controversial blogger lost big but,that is not the case. Infact in 2016 alone the guy achieved much. The power of women and sex could not allow the boy child free himself from the feminism cage.

Nyakundi who has keen eye on human interest stories not forgetting the corporate sector.

Here are some of what he managed to do last year alone.

  • Nyakundi launched a concerted campaign against Vivienne Yeda Apopo who was behind the
    mismanagement of East African Development Bank (EADB) .This  caught the attention of respective decision-makers, who are currently probing her.

  • He  launched a successful campaign against the former CEO of Family Bank Peter Munyiri, who
    was arraigned in court on Dec 30th, 2016, regarding his role in facilitating and enabling the NYS heist by among others.

  • Cheza Game Scam .
    This atleast had a positive effect to every safaricom subscriber. Nyakundi has a ruff edge with Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

So Nyakundi Successfully petitioned Safaricom to refund monies stolen from them using the Cheza Games scam. The projects which were conjured
by Peter Arina spilled over into the Bob Collymore era, and corruption is firmly entrenched in the company.

  • Among other achievement,Blogger Nyakundi also successfully instigated and precipitated the sacking of the CFO of Safaricom after he
    exclusively leaked the KPMG audit report.

  • It was Cyprian Nyakundi effort that a Chinese operative by the name of Wenjie Li was deported after he exposed his illegal
    activities, and links to senior Government officials.

  • The scandal at Kenya Pipeline Company has started getting coverage, after Nyakundi persistent coverage, exerting pressure on mainstream media to execute their mandate, as the
    perception that they are paid to kill stories is starting to hurt their bottom line.

According to Cyprian Nyakundi,”
There are many other small contributions we make everyday and cant manage to list all of

So as you keep talking about the Boy Child Campaign that had a setback,know who Nyakundi is. This man is not scared,he has been jailed severally but he is still strong.

“The one thing we have successfully managed to
achieve is unmasking the corporate thieves
who masquerade as angels.”- He explains on his achievements.

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