Christina Shusho New Year’s Concert Details


    An Iron is struck when it is hot. This is exactly what Christina Shusho did and landed the biggest concert in Kenya, ushering in the new year.

    While many Kenyans online were busy making her ‘Shusha Nyavu’ song trend, Shusho was in the States doing her shows. As a performer, she couldn’t let this wave pass, so she jumped on it.

    The IT graduate says she always loved her Kenyan fans but needed to figure out her fans’ love towards her. By requesting her concert to usher in the new year 2024, this was a special gesture of love from Kenyans.

    Her manager teamed with comedian Churchill and what transpired next was magical. From her arrival and departure, she was moving like the superstar she is. She was accodated the best hospitality though her humility was covered all over her face.

    As a gospel artist, Shusho was composed throughout her stay in Kenya. Some vloggers insisted on knowing if the viral phrase “Shusha Nyavu” had other meanings apart from the biblical one,to their surprise she said NO!

    The Tanzania singer was brought up in a Christian family, a faith she has held to date. During a sit down with Frida Mwaka of NTV Kenya, Shusho said the Bible is her music’s best source and inspiration. She interprets the message with creativity and blends it with her sensational voice to deliver a masterpiece. She rubbished those who criticized her songs saying the Holy Book was there, is there, and will always be there.

    Riding on the wave of trending in Kenya, Shusho released the ‘Rebecca’ video where she featured Mercy Masika from her latest album.

    Kenyan fans are the most loyal ones. If they promise to support you, they will do it fully. They have done it to Stivo Simple Boy and lately Mali Safi Chito crooner. Many were skeptical about the attendance of the Shusha Nyavu event at Garden City. The tickets which sold the lowest at 2 thousand were sold out. Fans indeed attended the show.

    Christina Shusho delivered and it will be something that will remain dear in the hearts of many who attended her concert.

    Haters will never miss anywhere, Shusho’s dress was the talk of the town among some netizens. In their view, the dress was somehow tight. To her rescue, revelers “Drunkards” who were Shusho’s big fans said they were satisfied to the core. They were amazed at how beautiful she was.

    During a past interview with Mzazi Willy M Tuva of Mambo Mseto, Shusho said she can’t work with Diamond Platnumz on a song because he is not saved. However, she told Frida she was ready to work with the talented artist Nyashinski. Details of this song are still under wraps.

    Are you ready for Christina Shusho’s song featuring Nyashinski?

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