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Zuchu The New Member Of WCB Wasafi Family

Zuchu The New Member Of WCB Wasafi Family

Zuchu is the latest artist to be signed under wcb wasafi recording label. She is the second lady in the powerful recording label in East Africa after Queen Darleen. Diamond Platnumz signed her sister Queen Darleen in the label back in 2015.

When Zuchu was posted by her boss, I had to take a look on how his boss fan’s would react. Going by the comments, Zuchu must be determined and stick to her goals. Many are waiting for her down fall. Maybe be a another baby mama to Simba.

We all expect that she claim the set title of being the new Queen of Bongo Fleva. Zuchu is the daughter of legendary Taarab Queen Khadija Kopa . So far she has received breathtaking support. With the higher expectations, she is almost under high pressure to deliver. Before joining Wasafi Records, she was know of doing covers for various songd including some of wasafi artists.

Zuchu expressed how humble she was to be signed under the biggest label in Africa,Wasafi Records. To her it’s a blessing to fulfill her dream. Onwards she wants her music journey to be an inspiration to other ladies to have power to persue their dreams.

Harmonize the first artist to be signed under Wasafi terminated his contract and started his own label,Konde Boy Worldwide. Rich Mavoko also left the label and started Bilionea Kid label.

Zuchu has got the right platform to grow her career. Her song Wana has garnered a million views in a span of two days only. That’s the power of branding that comes with a good record label. Adding to that,she is hitting 50k subscribers.

Already she has an EP out. Check it out and support her.

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