Zuchu versus Nandy has been a trending in East Africa Gossip sites for a while. It has reached to a point where their respective fans have created an imaginary beef.

Before Zuchu,Nandy was doing very well as a brand. She was the darling for every Tanzanian. With the introduction of Zuchu to the market by Wcb,things change to the worst. Diamond Platnumz and the whole of Wcb management is pushing Zuchu with some extra turbo.

Some feel like Zuchu is not better than Nandy because she is not doing all by herself,but the label.

Zuchu litawachoma
According to wana singer, pushing an artist is all a label does. That big artists around the world are being pushed to greater heights by their labels. She however, wants her fellow Tanzanians to know that it’s a management label work to see a brand grow.