Work With The Right People,Not The Best Guys

There is a hidden formula in making it big in the entertainment industry. Ask yourself how Otile Brown just made it in the industry. Is it because of his genre,looks or vocals? Yes you are right but, most artists have that in common.

Aliko Dangote,the richest black man in Africa uses a hidden formula in making it in his business, smae case applies to many successful people around the world.

Working with the right people in your field is the hidden formula to make it in the music industry. In most cases,artists go to the best people there is in their niche. They fail to understand that what works for another person is not guaranteed that it will work for them. Recording at the best studio like GrandPa,Decimal, Kompakt or Pacho is not a sure bet for an instant hit.

Otile Brown had a chance to do his early works at Wyre studio but opted for Dreamland Studio. Love child records was the best option but Dreamland was the right studio for him. Choosing the right studio back then has made him today a household name.

Whatever you do in your music career,take time to look for the right team of guys. Right team will share your story,journey and vision. They will tirelessly make sure yoy become the best version of you. Many big artists have perfected this art. Look at Diamond Platnumz team;manager,dancers and even his producer,Iyo Laizer. They are the people who have made him to be where he is today.

Going after best management labels may not always work out for many. Best management labels might have a lot to do and not concentrate on you especially if you are an upcoming. In Kenya for instance, Hailemind and Grandpa are perfect examples for incredible management labels with amazing team players.

Never rush to any marketing agencies because they are known, nop! As a musician you need the right team to grow your brand. Some of the big artists that have picked the right guys and made it big include; Nyashinski ( decided to work with Cedo ) , Nadia Mukami ( Worked under Hailemind Management Label ) , Otile Brown while with Dreamland Studios. P Unit under musyoka of Decimal and also you can see how Khaligraph is fairing on with Mottif.

Am not discouraging working with the best there is but, having the right team with you has more importance. Working with the best guys is good if you know the basics in the industry because you already know what you want. Mostly newbies need the right people for them to make it. They need to be shown where they can get the best sound,video shoot and maybe various media houses where they can land interviews.

Taking our industry to the next level we need to partner with the right promoters, presenters, media houses and even bloggers.