If given a chance, kenyan musicians will elope to Europe without a second thought. The Logombas have been away for 16 years,they have amassed wealth but,the same state of Kenya music industry is still stuck where they left it. An artist having a big name,several hits to his/her name but making peanuts. No money to live the perceived lavish lifestyle they are expected to have. Some end up wearing spectacles, mavin or caps to avoid being noticed by paparazzi. Others have been pushed to an extend that they rarely use public means of transport. To avoid contact with their fans.

Prophet Lovi L Elias of Longombas duo jetted in the country days after burying his brother Christian. The two left Kenya for greener pastures when their career was at peak. During a recent online interview with Jalango Tv,he expounds on breaking the ceiling and going beyond. That they were not getting rewarded accordingly with the effort they were making. They had to figure the future of their career earlier.

Prophet Lovy

Nameless on exclusive interview with Mzazi Tuva on Mseto EA revealed that he never wanted to perform after the Longombas. They were show stoppers. Their energy on stage was unmatched.

Prophet Lovi Longomba after leaving Kenya,he concentrated much on production side. He has produced for Justin Bieber,Jason Derulo,Chris Brown and many more artists. It is his production skills that has made him nominated in the Grammy’s three times.

Lovy currently lives in Calabasas,Los Angeles,California. 10 minutes walk to Malibu beach. A serene area that is home of most celebrities like Kanye West and Chris Brown. His home is a five minute walk to Akon’s place who happens to be his regular visitor.