Why Vanessa Mdee Dropped Out Of College

Vanessa Mdee is a college dropout and she is not shy to share with the world. Dreams can achieved elsewhere apart from class inacse you are not lucky.

For Vanessa,she had to end her classes at Catholic University of Eastern Africa(CUEA) since her dad passed on and she couldn’t afford to pay tuition fees!

After hustling elsewhere starting from MTV Africa,the Tanzanian diva is back to the same college this time round not to achieve her dreams but,to see someone’s dream come true. This is because she is a judge at the East African’s Got Talent show.

Full circle moment for me; I dropped out of college when Dad died to pursue my career at MTV AFRICA (we couldn’t afford it anymore). Today I return to that very same college as a judge on @eastafricagt to see someone else’s dreams become a reality. Bittersweet memories BE GONE, we are making history over the next 3 weeks