Why Bahati Frequents Wasafi Studios

Stories have been trending out here on why EMB boss frequents Wasafi Studios in Tanzania,well many have been said and here are the facts.

You should know that EMB and Wasafi are not affiliated in any way. The top managers are just good friends.

Bahati visits Diamond Platnumz to learn. He learns from Platnumz success,the mistakes he makes and how to run a record label.

This is what he had to say.

Mimi kuenda Wasafi of course is for the business relationship and you know with no doubt, Wasafi is one of the most successful record labels in Africa na kuwa rafiki na mtu kama Diamond you learn a lot and nikitoka hapa niende Tanzania, I just go chill and I listen. Pengine ananiambia hii ndio mistake alimake, usifanye hivi, fanya hivi ananiadvice kuhusu tomorrow, about the music industry, about running a record label and that’s why I made so many changes